2021-2022 Executive Board

The executive board is made up of a group of ACCEL members that play vital roles to the success of this organization.  Each year members are voted into each position.


John Lee

Webster Universty,
Colorado Springs

John has been the Community Relations Coordinator for Webster University’s Colorado Springs Metro campus for the last 5 years and has represented Webster at ACCEL for the same amount of time also serving in the prior years as President, VP, and Military Affairs Committee Chair.  John has a Master of Arts in Leadership and Management and is looking forward to lead this great membership once again.


Mercedes Moore

Mercedes served in the United States Air Force as a Business Administrative Specialist, Deputy Director of the Family Support Center and a Group Superintendent.  She retired after 30 years and one day of honorable service. ​

Mercedes is the Director of Military and Veteran Community Relations for Colorado Technical University (CTU).  She is the representative on all military bases and at all military functions. She is the point of contact for all military installations, veterans’ organizations and military families in Colorado. 





George Evans